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Co-creating Neighbourhoods

with Children


At Cities for Play we aim to inspire communities, councils and city planners to create playful and child-friendly cities. We explore how the built environment can promote children's health and well-being with a focus on play and active mobility. We believe that children's needs should be at the heart of city design which will in turn create resilient and sustainable communities.


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Transforming our cities for the health, wellbeing and happiness of children.

Designing Child Friendly Neighbourhoods

Co-creating with Children

Earlier this year Cities for Play alongside Nature Play Qld conducted a children's workshop in Caboolture, Queensland, asking children how they can improve their neighbourhood. 

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Lessons from Singapore

A well designed urban environment with direct access to good outdoor amenity, gives Singaporean citizens (both young and old) the ability to play and socialise as one community.

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Lessons from Tokyo

Even though Tokyo is a highly urbanised city, strategies has been put into place to ensure that children have vast opportunities to connect with nature and their communities. 


Lessons from Antwerp

As air pollution increases, putting children at risk, the City of Antwerp is taking serious measures to create a more child-friendly city.


Lessons from London

With strict play policies embedded into planning guidelines, developers and architects are setting a higher benchmark for child-friendly urban residential developments. 


Lessons from Hong Kong

Where every inch of area is highly valued and open space rare, small pockets of playful spaces provide vital amenity for children in Hong Kong.

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Past Event

Past Event

Past Event

Past Event

National Planning Festival, Australia
Future Design of Streets
Play 2021 Conference, UK
Child in the City Conference, Antwerp

Natalia Krysiak (Cities for Play) presented at the 2021 Planning festival on the topic of children and city design.

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Natalia Krysiak (Cities for Play) spoke at the 2021 Future Design of Streets Conference on designing child-friendly streets and neighbourhoods.

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Natalia Krysiak (Cities for Play) spoke at the  Child in the City Conference in Antwerp, Belgium on designing child-friendly vertical neighbourhoods.

Cities for Play presented at the 2021 Play Conference discussing what elements and interventions within a city might contribute to the health and well-being of children.

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